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Lithium iron phosphate battery used in tourism sightseeing car


Lithium iron phosphate battery used in tourism sightseeing car

First, the conversion objectives and steps

Modification target:

1. The original lead-acid battery-powered patrol car converted into a lithium iron phosphate battery powered environmentally friendly electric car

2. Increase the control of the original motor circuit, When the battery capacity to reduce to the set value or battery pack voltage is lower than the threshold valu,Cut off the car motor power supply circuit

Modification steps

1. Remove the battery compartment on the original car frame (drive and co-pilot under the battery box to be removed by the welder operation)

2. Install the new design of the battery box to the patrol car frame to install a solid (driving and co-pilot under the battery box to be welder welding fixed)

3. The battery pack connection line

4. Test run

Second, lithium battery program

Battery pack specifications: Rated voltage 48V Rated capacity 120AH

The model battery rated voltage 3.2V, rated capacity 40AH, internal resistance ≦ 1MΩ

The battery pack uses a combination of 16 strings and 3, a total of 48 40AH single battery

Battery in the car structure as follows:

Figure 1, 48V120AH battery pack combination diagram

Figure 2, left measured 24V120AH combination diagram

Figure 3, the right side of the 24V120AH combination chart

Third, the transformation of the battery pack PACK circuit diagram

Fourth, after the modification of the physical effect map

Fifth, battery modified,effect picture

1, the original car battery replaced by medium-lithium lithium iron phosphate battery, the car's weight significantly reduced, the body less than the original body about 73kg.

2, Battery life mileage than the original increase of 10%.

3, the car's power performance was significantly enhanced, climbing more powerful.

4, the charging time is greatly reduced, the original lead acid battery needs 12 hours full, and now lithium battery can be used fast charge way, less than 4 hours can be fully charged; because lithium battery does not exist memory effect, you can always charge, greatly facilitate the user.

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