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18650 lithium battery detailed production process

18650 lithium battery detailed production process

18650 battery is the current mobile power, laptop batteries and other one of the most commonly used batteries, the common form is the diameter of 18mm, 65mm length of the cylindrical batteries. The most common lithium battery on the market is Cylindrical (Cylindrical) package, which is the most widely used in the field of notebooks and flashlights. The benefits of this package are unified specifications, convenient automation and large scale production. In addition, there are Prismatic (square ) Soft package package, common in mobile phones and tablet PCs, the most direct benefits of such packages are thin and easy to control the thickness of the product.

18650 manufacturing process:
Mixing> Coating> Calendering> Slitting> Tabing> Winding> Xinding Search> Jelly roll insertion> Bottling welding> Sealing> Cleaning> Plastic sleeves → Print barcode> Formatting → Aging → Capacity test> OCT Testing → Grouping> Final Visual> FQA checking and packing

Illustration 18650 lithium battery production process:


Second, coating

Three, Calendering

Fourth, Slitting

Fifth, Tab welding

Six, Winding

X-Ray Checking

Eight, Jelly roll insertion

Bottom welding

Ten, Can beading

Electrolyte injection

Twelve, CID welding

Thirteen Sealing


Fifteen, sets of standard → Penma Plastic sleeves → barcode

Sixteen, into the composition of the language of Formatting → Aging → Capacity test

XVI, OCV Testing → Grouping OCT Testing

XQ, FQA Inspection and Packing FQA checking and packing

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