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Car start battery, car start lithium battery pack

Car start battery, car start lithium battery pack

1. Product Features
Thank you for BSLBATT car start dedicated lithium iron phosphate battery trust, we will seriously provide you with thoughtful service. The company's products meet international certification standards.
★ use of lithium iron phosphate material, high security, very stable performance in the environment, there is no danger of explosion.
★ light, weight only with the specifications lead-acid battery 1/3, the user can choose a higher capacity of the product, so that driving longer mileage.
★ product versatility, you can directly replace the car on the original lead-acid batteries.
★ long life, is more than 4 times the lead-acid batteries.
★ green battery, no pollution to the environment, do not harm human health.

2. Product list

※ 40Ah for a variety of home cars and SUV, lithium battery 40A can replace 40 ~ 100Ah lead-acid batteries.
※ 60Ah for a variety of large vehicles and construction vehicles, ultra-low temperature start with special needs of customers can also use this section.
※ 90Ah mainly for large-scale gravity machinery and equipment, factory power start equipment and other high current output design.

3. Product use
This product is directly on the left side of the positive pole (nut under the red film), the right is the negative (as shown below), the terminal printed with "+", "-" logo, the equivalent of lead and acid battery positive and negative, the battery Into the front of the box, the red line received the battery cathode, black line received the battery negative, tightened to start using, very simple, convenient and safe.

4. Safety matters
4.1 Do not arbitrarily change the different specifications, different manufacturers of the charger to charge the battery, may lead to battery damage.
4.2 Please do not overuse the battery to no power state, otherwise it may damage the battery, affecting battery life.
4.3 to prevent prolonged exposure to sunlight, the charge should be away from fire and water.
4.4 Please do not use the battery in addition to the car to start other than the way, if you need to use, please consult the company in advance.
4.5 Avoid charging children and animals with more valuables.
5. Storage
5.1 Storage should be avoided when stored in a good ventilation, temperature -10 ~ 30 ℃ and humidity below 75% of the place.
5.2 If you do not use long-term, the battery should be charged to the full charge of 50 to 60%, and check the power once a month to keep it in the 50 ~ 60% charge.
5.3 long period without the period, every 3 months charge and discharge 1 to 3 times, can extend the battery life.
6. Emergency measures
6.1 If the charge lasts for a long time can not reach the end point: you should check whether the battery is hot and other abnormalities, or should immediately stop charging.
6.2 If the charger and battery are overheated: Charge should be stopped immediately.
6.3 Battery is not output: Check whether the battery charge needs to be charged, the charge should be charged as soon as possible;

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