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Does Lithium iron phosphate battery pollute the environment

Does Lithium iron phosphate battery pollute the environment

We all know that the waste battery is can not arbitrarily discarded, readily discard the battery will make water and soil pollution can not be reused, the air can not breathe safely, causing harm to environmental life, So we have to face up to the battery at high risk of contamination.

Lithium iron phosphate battery as a new energy, in the stability, long life, non-polluting advantages are widely used, but it can not be ignored. When the lithium iron phosphate battery runs out, it is best to return to the factory recycling, although this product is a new energy, known as the environment pollution-free, green, but it can not avoid heavy metal pollution problems, but if the random discarded,land hazards Will be great.

BYD Auto claims lithium iron phosphate battery as a power source of zero pollution, so enterprises have great prospects for lithium iron phosphate battery, as a new century energy, Pollution is really a little won't? the answer is negative. Whether it is a general battery or lithium battery, because the battery itself is a chemical substance, when placed into nature with the passage of time the internal material began to break down, when the protection of the shell damage to the internal material leakage, this material is likely to produce influences. If you do not know how to deal with, you can first put away, wait until the opportunity to send to the collection station. In fact, there are also special recycling waste batteries trash, and garbage stations will be classified, can also be sent directly to the local Environmental Protection Agency.

Anyway, lithium battery pollution or there will be, but relatively small. We live on the same earth, conscious to start from the self, and the old battery can not live with other types of garbage mixed together, to be disposed of separately. Waste battery recycling is not a day or two call, the general dry battery containing heavy metal ingredients, there will be toxic, serious damage to the human environment. People want to form a sense of environmental protection, we all do so, will have influence, the relevant environmental protection industry will be positive development.

Manufacturers not only need to pay attention to the production process of waste removal of the process, Discarded after the battery pollution prevention technology will greatly improve.

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