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2023 electric car lithium battery will reach 26 million US

2023 electric car lithium battery will reach 26 million US

The United States Parker Institute recently released a report predicts that in 2023 the global light electric vehicle lithium battery market, the annual revenue from less than 6 million US dollars this year to grow to 26 million US dollars.

The report said that the rapid development of lithium batteries to promote a major reason is that the global car manufacturers are accelerating the production of electric vehicles, which is increasingly fuel economy, the growing confidence in electric vehicles and battery technology, rapid increase in a variety of factors such as comprehensive The result of the action.

David Alexander, senior analyst at Parker Research, said that since the launch of Toyota's plug-in Prius in 2012, many automakers have begun to use lithium batteries to manufacture electric vehicles, demonstrating the stability of lithium materials in the automotive sector. Today, most of the car brand's electric vehicles are using electric car lithium batteries.

On the other hand, the Parker Institute reported that although the lithium battery is the main choice of electric car manufacturers, but in the long run, but other battery material production continues, battery manufacturers trying to use advanced technology to enhance the performance of other materials , Reduce costs and expand production capacity.

In addition, the Parker Institute in a report last year that the high cost of lithium-ion battery has become a major obstacle to the promotion of electric vehicles, the future cost of lithium-ion battery will be significantly reduced by 2020 will be reduced to 447 US dollars per kilowatt-hour

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