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Electric golf cart lifepo4 battery 48V 150Ah

Electric golf cart lifepo4 battery 48V 150Ah

Golf carts generally 6V, 8V series combination to the battery-powered vehicles, lead-acid batteries must have a certain traction, or can not drive the vehicle electric golf carts generally used in golf clubs, with the electric golf cart is widely The use of some of its daily maintenance and use has also been more and more attention, electric car maintenance is very important, it is directly related to the electric car driving performance and service life.

However, due to international environmental factors, now countries gradually use lithium batteries to replace the battery used in golf carts. Because the number of cycles is 5 times that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. Small size and light weight. As well as load capacity, and improve the battery management system. More and more countries use lithium battery for golf carts

Golf cart lifepo4 battery Product performance characteristics:
1. Long life: the number of cycles in more than 1500 times, is 5 times the ordinary lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid battery cycle life is generally around 300, lithium manganese battery cycle life can reach 500 times.
2, the safety is good: lithium iron phosphate and lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide has a higher thermal stability, the redox reaction of lithium cobalt oxide exothermic temperature of about 150 degrees, lithium manganese oxide oxidation reaction exothermic The temperature is about 250 degrees, while the lithium iron phosphate redox reaction exothermic temperature greater than 400 degrees. Therefore, in terms of safety, lithium iron phosphate battery with other lithium-ion battery is essentially different. When the impact, heavy pressure, acupuncture, short circuit, high voltage charging, high temperature and other destructive situation occurs, the lithium iron phosphate battery will not explode or burn, so that the user's safety is the maximum protection.
3, small size, light weight: the weight of lead-acid batteries is about 1/3, the volume is about half the lead-acid batteries.
4, power characteristics: the maximum discharge current up to 3C.
5, the load capacity: lithium iron phosphate battery discharge platform stability, load capacity than lead acid.
6, the perfect battery management system: through the balance module, data acquisition module, protection circuit, to achieve the battery pack overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent, short circuit and temperature protection, and the battery within a single battery Charge, over discharge for protection, storage history, for diagnostic analysis.


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