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All National ban on fuel car, electric lithium car to become the industry "outlet"

All National ban on fuel car, electric lithium car to become the industry

The G20 Hamburg summit ended in the afternoon of July 8, and on the issue of climate change, despite the failure of countries to agree on the Paris Agreement, some countries have made clear their views on achieving the "Paris" Agreement "to make efforts. And one of the most notable, is the announcement of a comprehensive ban on fuel vehicles in the country.

France announced a full ban on 2040 gasoline and diesel vehicles
According to foreign media reports, the French energy minister Nicolas Hollow (Nicolas Hulot) said that in order to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement, France plans from 2040 onwards, a comprehensive stop selling gasoline and diesel vehicles, the French to build a carbon balance Country, plans to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

Germany will ban fuel vehicles in 2030
According to the German "Der Spiegel" reported that the German Federal Senate had to vote by resolution, since 2030, the new car can only zero emissions of vehicles, the ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles, and the German Automobile Association expressed dissatisfaction. The German Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Greens (Grünen) expressed support for the resolution, which is also supported by the two-party ruling German federal states.
Norway intends to ban fuel vehicles from 2025 electric vehicles accounted for 24%
According to the Norwegian newspaper "Dagens Næringsliv", four major political parties in Norway agreed to ban fuel sales from 2025 onwards. At present, electric cars in Norway accounted for 24% of the new car sales, the world's leading, so the implementation of such a new policy to face the resistance than other countries.

India in 2030 a comprehensive ban on fuel trucks
According to media reports, India, as one of the world's most populous countries, said that by 2030 India only sell electric vehicles, a comprehensive stop to oil fuel-powered vehicle sales. According to the Indian government and industry sources, an influential government think tank has drafted a report, suggesting that India to 2032 to fully realize the vehicle electricization.
Netherlands 2025 ban on petrol and diesel vehicles
According to the British auto magazine autocar news, the Dutch Labor Party asked from 2025 to prohibit the sale of traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles in the country. European leaders have spent several years discussing this issue, with insiders suggesting that Paris is probably the first city to achieve zero-emission cars. If the Netherlands comes into effect, the Netherlands will become the first country to ban gasoline and diesel cars.

In addition to the news released by several countries, the United Kingdom London is also committed to become a low-carbon city in 2020; Norway Oslo plans to 2019 a comprehensive ban on private cars; Dutch Rotterdam in January 2016 began to prohibit the production of diesel vehicles in 2001 , As well as all cars produced before 1992; Mexico Mexico City provides for a specific day to prohibit driving a motor vehicle.
Countries announced a comprehensive ban on fuel vehicles.

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