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LiFePO4 batteries Charging instructions

LiFePO4 batteries Charging instructions


When charging lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) ensure that you are not using a charger meant for other lithium ion chemistries, which are typically set to a higher voltage than required by LiFePO4 batteries. A lead-acid battery charger can be used if the voltage settings are within the parameters of LiFePO4 batteries.


LiFePO4 can be charged with either a 1-step constant current (CC) profile or a 2-step constant current, constant voltage

(CC-CV) profile. The 1-step profile will charge the battery ~95% and the 2-step profile will charge the battery 100%. The 1-step profile is sufficient since LiFePO4 batteries do not need to be fully charged; this will not reduce life as it does with lead-acid.




* Charge current must be 0.10C at temperatures <00C (320F) until the battery temperature is >00C (320F).

** For optimum life, charge at recommended rate. Some models are specially designed to allow for higher current.

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