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Lifepo4 battery is still the preferred electric bus safety

Lifepo4 battery is still the preferred electric bus safety

This year in April Guangdong Shenzhen, a new energy bus spontaneous combustion incident occurred, this news is not the first time, on China's power battery lithium battery debate since then did not stop, there has been, the current battery products In the overall situation and how the safety of new energy buses can be improved can be guaranteed, for these issues, the recent symposium will give the answer.

At the symposium, all experts have said that China's battery products, whether it is consistent or electronic control and other countries there is a certain gap, and other technical routes contrast, the most in line with China's current new energy bus safety needs is Lifepo4 battery, and it is still preferred. New energy bus and ordinary bridge car compared to this small car, has a special, that is, a large number of passengers, so in order to ensure the safety of travel to ensure the safety of the car is the primary problem of the new energy bus industry, Give priority to driving mileage and other performance issues, the experts also made it clear that the bus is a public transport tool is public, and the large number of personnel, once the problem occurs, escape and withdrawal time is required to compare Long, so that the power battery system management to consider the safety of the first, how to consider the safety that is used by the material, the battery needs of the materials and technology are very high technology, has a very high demand. Shenzhen bus spontaneous combustion event hope is not there. At present, the current capacity to meet the safety of China's new energy bus battery is still Lifepo4 battery.

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