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China Mobile 200 million lithium iron phosphate battery procurement projects

China Mobile 200 million lithium iron phosphate battery procurement projects

Southern Power Announcement, the company is "China Mobile 2017-2018 base station outside the tower with lithium iron phosphate battery products centralized procurement" one of the successful candidates, the successful share of 19.57%, the bid amount is estimated at 200 million yuan.

According to China Mobile's "Bid for Candidates for Centralized Purchasing of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Products for Base Stations Outside the Tower 2017 to 2018" issued by China Mobile, the Company is "China Mobile's lithium iron phosphate battery for base stations outside the tower from 2017 to 2018 Product centralized procurement, "one of the winning candidates, winning the share of 19.57%, the estimated bid amount of 200 million yuan.

At present, 5G has become the main development direction of a new generation of global information and communication technologies. All the major countries in the world are accelerating 5G technology research and development and industrialization. The accelerated development of 5G will further promote the expansion and upgrading of communication networks, and the corresponding investment and construction efforts will continue to increase with broad market prospects. The Company is actively tracking the 5G base station construction mode and launching new lithium battery products and new solutions that adapt to the new station mode to meet the higher requirements of 5G base stations in terms of cycle life, stability, operation and maintenance costs, etc., Expand to open up a broader space.

Nandu Power said that the company has deep plowing in the field of backup power for many years, for the communication backup power supply scenarios and product needs have a deep understanding, with industry-leading technology advantages, to provide users with comprehensive and systematic products and solutions. In recent years, the sales volume of back-up lithium battery products of the Company continued to expand, which has been fully recognized by domestic and foreign customers. The pre-bid of this project will further enhance the industry leading edge of the company, which will have a positive impact on the business expansion and business performance of the company's backup communications business in the future.

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