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Wisdom Power Lithium iron phosphate battery

Wisdom Power Lithium iron phosphate battery

Huizhou Wisdom Power Technology Co Lithium iron phosphate battery refers to lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material of lithium-ion battery. The battery does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals (nickel metal hydride batteries need rare metals), non-toxic (SGS certification passed), pollution-free, in line with European RoHS regulations, as the absolute green battery certificate. There are a lot of lead-acid batteries in the lead, if not handled properly in its disposal, the environment will still be enough secondary pollution, and lithium iron phosphate material in both production and use, no pollution, so the battery column Into the "Tenth Five-Year" period of "863" national high-tech development plan, a national key support and encourage development projects. With China's accession to the WTO, China's exports of electric bicycles will rapidly increase, and now into Europe and the United States has asked for equipped with pollution-free electric bicycle battery.


 Wisdom Power Lithium-ion battery performance depends mainly on the positive and negative electrode materials, lithium iron phosphate as a lithium battery material in recent years before it happened, the domestic development of large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery in July 2005. Its safety performance and cycle life is unmatched by other materials, these are the most important technical indicators of the battery. 1C charge and discharge cycle life of 2000 times. Single battery overcharge voltage 30V does not burn, puncture does not explode. Lithium iron phosphate cathode material to make large-capacity lithium-ion batteries easier to use in tandem. At present, valve-controlled sealed lead-acid batteries with its small size, voltage stability, pollution-free, light weight, high discharge performance, low maintenance and other characteristics, and become the preferred battery power communication systems. However, in actual use, reach the theoretical life expectancy abound. In theory, batteries for 7 to 10 years are mostly damaged within 2 to 3 years, and some even fail to reach their one-year life expectancy, resulting in enormous economic losses.


Four advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery


Lithium iron phosphate battery is produced by Huizhou Wisdom Power Technology Co lithium iron phosphate cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries, compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries with light weight, high temperature resistance, long life, safe, environmentally friendly Pollution and other advantages.


Ambient temperature is too high valve life of the sealed lead-acid batteries have a great influence on temperature, the battery plate corrosion will intensify, will consume more water, so that shortened battery life. Battery at 25 environment can obtain a longer life expectancy, long-term operating temperature if the increase of 10 , the service life reduced by about half. In addition, the ambient temperature of 25 ~ 0 , each reduction of 1 degree, the discharge capacity of about 1% loss, so the battery should be 15 ~ 20 environment work.


Lithium iron phosphate battery using the ambient temperature -20 to 70 , the winter is colder season, base station indoor temperature can be as low as -15 , hot season base station indoor can reach 50 , in this temperature range, lithium iron phosphate The battery has good performance. Ambient temperature on the impact of lithium iron phosphate batteries is much smaller than the impact of lead-acid batteries.


Lead-acid batteries over-charge state, the positive electrode due to oxygen reaction, water is consumed, H + increase, resulting in increased acidity near the positive electrode to thin the grid to accelerate corrosion of the battery, so that the battery capacity decreases; Make the battery dry danger, thus affecting the battery life.


Over-discharge of lead-acid batteries occurs mainly in the AC power blackout, the battery for a long time to load power supply. Because lead sulfate is an insulator, its formation will have a very negative impact on battery charge and discharge performance, so the more sulfate formed on the cathode, the greater the internal resistance of the battery, the battery charge and discharge The worse the performance, the shorter the battery life.


The DC system's switching power supply floating current provides three functions for the VRLA batteries: for daily load current, to supplement the self-discharge loss of the battery and to maintain the oxygen circulation in the battery. If the battery in the long-term floating charge state, only charging without discharging, is bound to cause the battery anode plate passivation, the battery internal resistance increases, the capacity dropped significantly, resulting in decreased battery life. In addition, the lead-acid battery float voltage selection should be adjusted with the battery status, inappropriate float voltage may cause overcharge, affecting the battery life, or make the battery in a state of insufficient charge for a long time.


The cost of using the battery pack for the communication base station needs to comprehensively consider the cost of the battery, the service life of the battery, the maintenance cost during use, and the like.


Lead-acid batteries lower prices, but due to the shorter life expectancy, in theory, work for 7 to 10 years, most of the batteries in 2 to 3 years of damage, and some even one year of life expectancy is not reached, in addition, the use of the process In the need for manual testing and maintenance, the use of cost is very high.


To research and development and promotion of new green energy for the mission, is committed to the power of lithium iron phosphate, lithium-ion battery promotion and application. Over the past 7 years, the company has been focusing on long-life power lithium batteries. Significant progress has been made in the performance and long-life BMS management system for ultrahigh-power lithium iron phosphate batteries. 50 clients of the company have passed the actual loading test of 5 years and have good performance and long service life. After three years of research and development company of solar lithium batteries, home energy storage battery pack, in the cycle life, maintenance needs and achieved a major breakthrough.

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