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Application of Lithium Iron Phosphate (Lifepo4)Battery

Application of Lithium Iron Phosphate (Lifepo4)Battery

As the lithium iron phosphate battery has the above characteristics, and produce a variety of different capacity of the battery, and soon be widely used. Its main application areas are:
Large electric vehicles: buses, electric cars, tourist routes and hybrids, and so on;
Light electric vehicles: electric bicycles, golf carts, small flat panel car, forklifts, clean cars, electric wheelchairs, etc .;
Power tools: electric drill, electric saw, lawn mower, etc .;
Remote control cars, boats, aircraft and other toys;
Solar energy and wind power storage equipment;
UPS and emergency lights, warning lights and miner's lamp (the best security);
Small medical equipment and portable equipment.

Here to give a lithium iron phosphate battery instead of lead-acid battery application examples. 36V / 10Ah (360Wh) lead-acid battery, the weight of 12kg, charge a power can walk about 50km, the number of charging about 100 times, the use of time about 1 year. If the use of lithium iron phosphate power battery, using the same 360Wh energy (12 10Ah battery series), the weight of about 4kg, the charge can walk about 80km, the number of charging up to 1000 times, the service life of up to 3 to 5 years. Although the price of lithium iron phosphate battery is much higher than the lead-acid battery, but the overall economic effect is to use lithium iron phosphate battery better, and in the use of more light weight than lead acid battery.

(1) energy storage equipment: based on solar energy, wind energy, geothermal, marine energy generation system of energy storage equipment; power grid peaking; uninterruptible power system UPS; with the use of solar cells as energy storage equipment (BYD has been in the production of such batteries) Lighting and so on;
(2) power tools such as high-power power tools (wireless); hammer, electric drill, weeding machine;
(HEV), the recent 2-3 years of the target, forklifts, forklifts and other power supply;
(3) light electric vehicle electric locomotive, electric bicycles, recreational vehicles, golf carts, electric push machine, clean car;
(4) small equipment medical equipment: electric wheelchair, electric scooter); toys (remote control electric aircraft, cars, boats);
(5) other small appliances miner's lamp;
(6) start power: cars, motorcycles, tractors, diesel engines, railway diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, bus starting power;
(7) fixed power: mainly used for communication, mobile base stations, telecommunications, rail transport, electricity, finance, power plants, computer systems as a protection, automatic control of the standby power
(8) military field: military field electronic command system, sea (submarine, underwater robot), land (Army soldiers system, machine warrior), days (unmanned aircraft), air (satellite, spacecraft) arms.

Lithium-ion battery technology is not a simple industrial technology, it is related to the development of information industry, is the development of new energy industry, one of the basic technology, and become a modern and future military equipment indispensable one of the important "food".

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