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Three - yuan lithium batteries or will become the new energy mainstream.

Three - yuan lithium batteries or will become the new energy mainstream.

Since the beginning of last year, byd, which has been using lithium iron phosphate battery, has successively launched several models, such as song EV300, qin 80 and tang 100, to match the three lithium battery models.In October, byd officials announced that all PHEV passenger vehicles in the company would use lithium batteries in the future, except in public transportation.Next year, E5, E6, qin EV and other pure electric vehicles also need to switch to three lithium batteries.So, lithium iron phosphate and lithium batteries, which is better?In fact, what consumers care about is what kind of battery lasts longer, lives longer and is safer.Here are a few questions to analyze.

Energy density (range).

Compared with the energy density of the lithium iron phosphate battery, the energy density of the three-component lithium battery is higher and the voltage is higher, so the battery pack with the same weight is larger, and the car can run farther.In addition, higher energy density can release more body space, which is a plus for home users.

The energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery is usually between 90 and 120Wh/kg, while the energy density of the monomer of the three-component lithium battery can reach about 200Wh/kg.As a leader in the global lithium battery, the ningde era plans to develop a three-component lithium battery with an energy density of 300-350wh /kg by 2020, with a quantum leap in the range.On the contrary, the lithium iron phosphate battery has entered the bottleneck in the development of energy density, which has led to the abandonment of the lithium iron phosphate battery.

Comparison of charging efficiency

The three - element lithium has obvious advantages over lithium iron phosphate in charge efficiency.Ternary lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery charging below 10 c, constant current ratio has no obvious difference, more than 10 c ratio when charging, lithium iron phosphate batteries constant flow rate reduce rapidly, charging efficiency rapidly reduced.For new energy vehicles, the more efficient charging time can significantly improve the experience of the car. After all, it is a rather helpless thing to have a car full of cars.

Service life comparison

In terms of life, the lithium iron phosphate on the circulation utilization from the ternary lithium advantage, but for the average family, the nominal cycle life are far more than the actual usage.In addition, the low temperature performance attenuation of lithium iron phosphate battery is a major defect.Research has shown that a capacity of 3500 mah battery, if working in a - 10 ℃ environment, after less than 100 times charging and discharging cycle, power attenuation to 500 mah sharply.And as the main market of pure electric vehicles, Beijing winter temperatures often below freezing around 16 ℃, the car owner could do a lot of problems.

Safety contrast

In terms of material system, the two batteries will decompose in when you arrive at a certain temperature, decomposition temperature of the lithium iron phosphate batteries are higher than the ternary lithium battery, but that does not determine the safety of the ternary lithium battery is bad, after all, the security of the power battery system design can also through the dynamic connection structure, thermal management design, battery management system in several aspects, such as systems, security measures designed to be more perfect and scientific, can let the battery to work in a safe condition.For example, the ITCS battery temperature management system of geely's electric vehicle, which can be cooled at 38 degrees, ensures that the battery operates at a safe temperature range.

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