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Wisdom Power team trip to Xiamen

Wisdom Power team trip to Xiamen

wisdom power team trip to xiamen

We coming to the long-cherished Xiamen for travel last weekend.The city is clean and tidy, and the distinctive trees stand quietly by the roadside as if they represent Xiamen welcoming us. We arrived at Xiamen North Railway Station by train from Huizhou South Railway Station for about 3 hours. Then we arrived at the hotel by bus from Xiamen North.



We arrived at the Garden Botanical Garden by cable car and arrived at the succulent vegetation area. We took beautiful pictures and recorded our footprints. The picture below shows the happiness!



There are many special snacks in Xiamen, such as sandy tea noodles, oyster frying, asparagus jelly, various seafood, mango juice and so on. The Xiamen university is big and the scenery is really beautiful, also the people are very friendly.Their canteens and golf courses is really cool.


In the afternoon, we went to Zeng Cuo An temple to enjoy the beauty of the beach and the sea. Happy, relaxed and cheerful.



We are running, laughing, so happy. Time flies, we went back to the hotel. We enjoyed the dinner, the dishes were very rich, the local flavor was a bit spicy, affordable and delicious.

After dinner in the hotel, our manager ERIC shared his 15 years of foreign trade experience, from college graduation to the present difficult step by step, and encouraged us to refuel for the end of the year goal! Finally, thank ERIC for sharing. We will work harder for our goal.


We go to Gulangyu Island, we enjoy to take photos. There are beaches, beautiful scenery and special beauty and tranquility. Later we went to the sun rock for rest and enjoy beautiful scenery. The island is bustling with lots of gourmet and characteristic shops in the central business district.


 It's a really good tour. In the evening we coem back to Huizhou, the trip to Xiamen was perfect!



Summary: traveling is one of the best ways to understand people's feeling. I am very grateful to the God for bringing me these lovely little companions and bringing different splendor to my life. So I am very happy to be satisfied with this trip to Xiamen. Come on,join us, for a better future! Fighting!

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